View Full Version : Recomend a transom mounted transducer for GSD-22 w/ Garmin 3206

03-31-2012, 05:19 PM
just picked up a 3206 and a gsd 22. Im in need of a transducer, preferably transom mounted. Anyone have any recomendations? I'd like to keep the price under 400 or so.

04-11-2012, 01:53 PM
I'm not the expert, but I believe you have 5 price points for a transducer.

OEM - 50$

Airmar P66 = 150$ 50/200 600W benchmark

Airmar Tm258 = 600$ 50/200 1Kw almost like a 19 degree on 50 and almost like a 6 degree on 200 (more oblong than round). This is 16 times more powerful than the P66 on 200kHz, but only 25x stronget on 50kHz.

Airmar TM260 = 800$ 50/200 1Kw 19 degree on 50 6 degree on 200. This is only 13 times more powerful than the P66 on 200kHz, but 50x stronger on 50kHz

Airmar TM270W = 1200$ 50/200 1Kw 25 degree on both

that really is the choices, its just a matter now of deciding what your budget is....if in fact 400 is max, only option is the P66 in my book, or a used tm258 if you can find one.