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04-13-2012, 05:26 PM
Note to self when it is this ruff stay home. Woke up to reports of 5-20's and pouring rain so we slept in. Finally made it out of Moss around 9 and headed out and south. On the way out I sprung a leak so my buddy Steve slowed down so I could pull the trigger. Let's just say I was not very useful today except when fish were on. Steve baited up washed the deck and ran the downriggers. First fish came 100 feet down on a watermelon dodger with crippled anchovie and weighed about 11 pounds.
I lifted my head to see the line off the clip and as I got to the pole the other pole went off at the same depth. My bait was barely scratched and Steve's fish hammered it. We had another pop off with a bait that was almost perfect. Around 2 the pole went off at 100 feet and the line started screaming. "Big fish" we thought as 300 feet came off the reel quick. Finally started gaining ground and around 150 feet out the fish was coming in a lot easier. Steve got the net and as it got closer to the boat I said "It's small" to which Steve said "put the pole in the holder and come take the wheel." I guess he thought I meant the fish was too small because he laid the net down and wanted me to put the pole down so he could pop the fish off the hook. Hell no I thought Grabb that freakin net. A little communication laps and some barking back and forth our second fish was in the boat at 28 inches and 8 pounds.
2nd note to self: Don't say a fish is small if it is a keeper.
By this time I was up to at least 4 times feeling not so good episodes (stopped counting after 5) so Steve took pitty on me and we headed in even though the bite had just turned on but so had the wind big time. Got a little bumpy around the Jaws.
Tomorrow is recovery day and then maybe back out Sunday. GO SHARK'S!

04-13-2012, 09:03 PM
nice nice salmon bro wish i could ow na boat big enough to get out and hammer this fish keep up the good work went on a charter on tuesday got my limit lost a pig about ten feet from the boat as the salmon spit the hook and another rolled and poped but there out there

04-13-2012, 10:49 PM
What's the best bait?
Frozen anchovy, tray anchovy or live anchovy? Any good charter to try out?
Thx much

04-13-2012, 11:51 PM
Chubasco out of Monterey good Capt.

04-14-2012, 08:06 AM
I fish on my buddies boat or another friends but I have heard the Kahuna is a good boat. They mooch so if like the bobbing and weaving then that is for you. I know of 2 6 packs that have fished with my friend and keep radio contact, 1 is Ultimate with captain Brad out of Santa Cruz or Kahn who launghes out of Moss. Not sure the name of Kahn't boat but could get his number if you want. These boat's are 6 pack and they troll with the downriggers and from the radio chatter they put people on the fish. Yesterday we started using a trey of chovies from a few days before and only caught our 2 fish when we switched to the trey bait I had bought that morning. I think the trey was cheaper at the bait shop at Moss than in Petaluma. Bags of chovies are too beat up to present a good bait. Get a few treys and keep them cold. If you catch your own bait and put it right on the line the belly will be blown out faster then the frozen trey bait. I imagine if you are going to mooch live chovies would be the ticket but I don't think anyone has any in Moss and you have to use barbless circle hooks to mooch salmon.