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05-07-2012, 12:46 PM
Recently I read an article about why we we should or should not limit water leaving our Sacramento Delta. The authors used a symbol ' the Long finned smelt'.
Question :Why did this article bring up 'saving the long finned smelt' ??
Answer : Because Very few of us care about it. The author does not want to tell us about the other thousands of species that are impacted by taking our Northern Calif water and shipping it down to Southern Calif to the Super Agro Corporations who are growing food in the desert and the miles and miles of green lawns and swimming pools.

If this was happening in some far off place like the Amazon, environmentalist everywhere would be protesting and shutting down the pumps. But here in our back yards, barely a whimper.
Who sold our water ?? I asked 'Who sold our water? I don't remember voting on it ??
Did you Mr. Fishsniffer vote on it ?? Are YOU the one that said 'Ya take all you want' ?
Who was it that 'sold us down the river' and who gave who the right to sell our water.

Actually, the water is OURS by Natural right.
The rain falls on our property our streets and neighborhoods runs down our gutters and little creeks and those people who live where the water falls from the sky are the natural owners and despite what some judge in Washington says, our water rights should come first, not the Mega farm Corporation's or the richie rich in Hollywood.

You and I do not posses enough money to bribe ....I mean 'Lobby' federal judges and senators but if we used our VOTE to defeat any who Oppose this natural law we could go a long way.

But lets not be greedy with our precious God given water. Lets continue selling our water to those Southern California Green lawns, golf courses and Super farmers but at a rate that stimulates them into water conservation. I believe that if Our water cost them 3 times as much to pump out of our delta, they will conserve it....and I won't whimper if I have to pay .25 cents more per melon.

08-06-2012, 09:59 PM
Part of the problem lies with the fact that we as anglers sometimes end up on the same side as the environmentalists, not the ethical conservationists. The Enviro-whackos don't like fisherman, hunters and honest outdoorsman, they only like there fellow tree hugging elitist Nazis. These people belong to PETA and Sierra Club, not to groups that promote fishing, hunting, and off highway vehicle access.