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Gene St. Denis
05-08-2012, 07:01 AM
Tahoe Ramp Updates and Extended Hours of Operation Status are on this Link to Tahoe Boat Inspections Tahoe Boat Inspections (888) 824-6267 Tahoe RCD (http://tahoeboatinspections.com/) If it says error, just click on HOME Page. Or Type in Tahoe Boat Inspections Direct !! This site will give you ALL DATA needed to get your Boat on Tahoe . Cave Rock and Sand Harbor both are 6 to 8 Daily Now and The Other Ramps are Listed, along with Hours and Prices. If you need your boat Inspected you need to get inspected at the Stations Locations listed ON THE WAY TO THE RAMPS !! Ramps have No Inspection ability or DECONTAMINATION Equipment !! For Us Fishing deep is good to great for Mackinaw 1 to 5 Pounds one day and then the Next 6 to 17 Pounds !! :areportmq5: We Have Netted 4 Fish this Week between 12 and 17 Pounds !!!! Topline action has Heated up with Nothing sticking one Day to 3 to 8 Fish Netted the Next !!! 1 to 7 Pounds so Far Netted and all the Nice Ones Rocket Launch Jumped and Tossed Hooks !! :nana: A mix of Browns, Bows, and Macks . A nice Big Mack of 18 Pounds was Taken from Shore Just North of Cave Rock last Week !!! Shore folk getting nothing to 1 to 3 Rainbows and Occasional Mack !! :129fs238648: Aloha !! gst Captain Gene St. Denis Lake Tahoe Fishing Charters : Blue Ribbon Sportfishing 530-544-6552 (http://www.blueribbonfishing.com) http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/4797/014dpf.jpg
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