View Full Version : How is Bodega Bay this weekend 5/19-20?

05-19-2012, 01:28 PM
Hoping to head out of Bodega Bay on Monday the 21st. Looks like it maybe an a nice day was wondering if anyone had any luck over the weekend

Thanks in advance

05-19-2012, 05:21 PM
Here's a fishing report from Friday (yesterday)

Conditions were sloppy on Friday 5-18 and aside from a few private boats fishing in the Outer Bay and Rick on the New Sea Angler trolling off Tomales Pt. Rick said they scratched away in 45 to 50 fathoms and came away with 9 salmon to 16 pounds for 9 anglers. Rick said they had a steady 18 to 20 knots of breeze in the morning and as winds increased in the afternoon he decided to pull some crab gear sending all nine home with limits of crabs. Rick said that the water color improved mostly a dirty green but temps dropped back down to 49 degrees. If water temps climb a few degrees we could see better action when the winds lay down. Currently the forecast calls for mostly breezy weather through Wednesday and Sunday's forecast of 10 to 20 is the best expected weather of the next few days.

I'd wait until the wind die down some, but what do I know...I like rope burns :seestars::lolk:

05-22-2012, 07:26 AM
Made it out on Monday wind and waves where low :) but foggy most of the day. Saw about 15 boats and sounded like 1 fish per rod was being caught. We got skunked but enjoyed the day with some crabs and even an octopus. Also saw an whale near Tomales Bay. Good day just wish the fog had lifted.