View Full Version : North Fork Stanislaus River - May 19

05-21-2012, 09:59 PM
Fished the NF Stanislaus at the end of Camp 9 road outside of Angels Camp. Decent trip. Rugged 3 mile round trip hike! Got into some really nice fish. Barbless Rooster tails!!! Found that any color or size worked well. Obviously watch depth when deciding on size of lure. Also, don't rush bringing the lure in. Let it sit in the current and allow it to work itself. Between my buddy and I, we landed over 50 fish. Bring plenty of water and watch your step!

05-22-2012, 07:48 AM
Nice report! Those are some pretty fish, I can see why you've been fishing that river so much. Kudos for using barbless too! I've never caught anything off a rooster tail but this makes me want to try again. Thanks for sharing!

05-22-2012, 08:37 AM
Boy, it's nice to see fish with all their fins intact...thanks for posting! -Mike

05-22-2012, 10:22 AM
Looks like you had a great trip! I can attest to the single-hook Rooster Tails as well. I caught a 12" brown in the Truckee on a yellow one the first cast I ever threw it.