View Full Version : Another Pinecrest Trip (good report this time) :)

06-19-2012, 03:28 PM
Went back to Pinecrest this weekend, had to get the pontoon boat on the water for the summer and did some trolling and casting a roostertail.

Fished for about 3 hours or so on Saturday evening.
3 of us fishing I was using lead line the others just mono with a little weight. We had our first fish on and in the boat within 5 minutes, before I could reel it in the other pole had one. This whappend many times.
After catching and releasing a good 6 fish or so we decided to start keeping the bigger ones.
By the end of the day we had aout 10 keepers (mainly on Tripple Teasers- the Pinecrest killers we call them, lol) wouldve been our 15 fish limit if we would've kept them from the begining or kept some smaller ones. But we did have a great fish fry at the cabin Saturday night!

(some of the fish cleaned)

Sunday got back on the water by noon, only fished a couple hours again, but we caught a bunch more and released them all.
I was casting along the shores near the dam, saw a fish jump, casted my rooster tail and hooked it. I thought it was a big trout at first, but it was only a little guy with a big fight. Pulled him out of the water, it was a Smallmouth Bass!!! Little yellow guy with red eyes! I was stoked because it was maybe my 5th smallie, and i didnt think they were there, but they are & cant be too many of them...
Shortly later I caught a little Kokanee salmon!
Add the 5 trout, the bass, and the salmon and I feel like I had a good fishing day Sunday.
I was super stoked, to catch that trio. Still happy lol!

Little Smallie, hes still out there somewhere...

kokanee salmon, also released, wish he was bigger to keep :(