View Full Version : No Need for Costco on Father's Day

Big Game
06-19-2012, 08:56 PM

My Buddy and I headed out of HMB on Father's Day expecting "better" seas than what we have had recently.
We were pleasantly reminded that this is FISHING and Murphys Law does apply. Blowin' I would say safely 25 to 30 Knots - at about 8:00 AM!!!
Doors on the boat swinging open and slamming hard , boat pitching violently, people chumming.... ahhhhh.......I am SALMON FISHING!!! This is a GREAT Father's Day gift!!! Got lucky with the first fish of the day - a nice 20lb class fish - in my favorite spot on the boat (not tellin' where that is)(you guess). A little later my buddy hooks up...it's all good. BBQ's will be lit and No Costco Trip Needed! The Roughest seas I have ever fished in 35+ years - kept waiting for the Capt to turn around but he never did -
Thank You for the Generous Bounty Fishing Gods. I am very LUCKY. Big Game

06-28-2012, 02:34 PM
Nice BG, Glad to see i wasnt the only one who had the sea god pissed off. Took my son out on June 12th for his 15th B-Day. was good til we go out under the GG bridge. then all hell broke loose. 12ft swells 47 degrees and 30 knot winds. he did catch the big fish 20lbs and a 15lber and got 80$ Nice post