View Full Version : Highland Lakes / N. Fork Moke.

07-01-2012, 09:47 PM
I hadnt got my fill of backcountry bumpy roads so I headed to Highland Lakes. The road was easy in 2wd, even the prius made the creek crossing but turned around before the rutted up steep hill climb. Amazing what people do to there cars. Got on the water at upper highland at 3pm and had the entire lake and surrounding area to myself. I hooked 8 little brookies in 47 minutes and decided to move to the deeper bigger lower lake in hopes of bigger fish. There was more wind on the lower lake but the fish were the same size. Fished lower from 4 till 4:45 and caught 6 brookies. At one point I had a bite and was reeling in to rebait ( a common occurrence here trolling worms) and saw two fish chasing what was left of the worm, slowed down my reeling and fish on! Went and fished the N. fork of the moke below my camp from 6-7:15 and caught 5 mini brookies using my bubble and worm. Had the hole stretch all to myslef. I saw a coyote crossing the river and set down my pole to try and get a picture (didnt get it) then picked it up and there was a fish on. It was fish # 50 for the day, my first 50+ fish day!!!!!!!!!!:elephant: