View Full Version : Bon Tempe 7/14/12

07-16-2012, 08:14 AM
Just a quick report from Bon Tempe. We headed out there after lunch and bowling and didn't arrived at the lake until almost 4. We didn't see anyone fishing. A lot of cars in the laginutas parking. Anyways, after setting up my bait rod with what worked last time, white/gold, I started tossing a gold km. After about 5 cast, fish was on. It fought very nicely, shaking his head back and forth. Finally landed him and he was a good 15 incher. Safely released him to grow up bigger. Action was a bit slow which was expected as the last fish plant was in May. An hour goes by and gf rod goes down. She reeled it in and landed a 14 incher that swallowed her bait (green pb). So we kept it.

Fished from 4 til 7:30. I got a few more hit on the km but didn't stick. So they are still out there.

Didn't bring the big camera but the small one. I'll upload a picture later. The meat on the one we kept was pink to almost red color. Taste very good :)

Next time we might try Alpine Lake and see if we get lucky to score a big one...if not trout then bass. Until next time.