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10-01-2006, 08:25 PM
So I got settled here in San Diego and was itchin to get out on the water some so I did :) hit up mission beach and started fishing with Berkely Glup Camo Sandworm, down here we call it fish crack haha...and about 15 mins later hooked up my first Barred Sand Perch....or BSP. So on Friday I proly caught about 20 of those...ranging from 3"-9". then I went out early this morning and met up with some guys i met on a surf fishing forum. They had been out there since 530 am and i hit the beach at 730. got out there and started fishing, they had pulled in some BSPs, and Yellowfin Croakers..YFCs..So i picked up some BSP to get the skunk off and started using mussel as bait. Picked up some larger BSP about 3 around 8" and i started to try and target other species but no luck. So the end of the day rolls around I prolly have about 20 BSP under my belt. I ask the guy I was fishing with if I can borrow his larger surf rod and use mussel...so we walk out till about waist deep and cast our lines, (surfers were in the way but what ever, we had been there since 730 lol)

So the surfers are on our lines basically but w/e. My rod does some dancing so i set the hook but dont feel anything...just wieght...so i start tobring it in slowly maybe getting somethin on the slow retrieve. It still has this wieght so i thought I may have hooked a surfer? lol which would have been great, but im still bringing in line consitantly. So i finally get it to shore...ITS A STINGRAY! haha i must say thats the first time thats happened. so we got it unhooked and let it free. Cool day :)

10-01-2006, 09:35 PM
as a norcal surfer who used to live and surf in san diego...catch as many as those punk a$$ socal surfers as you can. ;D

great report. remember to shuffle the feet when you wade out.

10-01-2006, 11:31 PM
hahaha ill try :) just use a big hook...or tell them im fishing for sharks :) lol

oh ya i did the stingray shuffle lol