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  1. I still use broken back jointed Rapalas when in the rodholder and catch most that way.
    I have fished fast and slow for them. One time at Stampeed we trolled in my 17' smokercraft at 1600 rpm with a Honda 50 and had many hook-up when prior nothing was working. usuall we fish for 5-6 days in a row with pairs of guys in other boats and all camp and party together. one of those days pays off with several big fish for the week. my 12# was at Stampeed
    Good luck
  2. You can use about any of them.
    We jig them while trolling close to shore, points and shallows. usually a firetiger f13, then gold/black, silver/ black and with smaller aluminum boats, 14ft valco and 15hp motor.
    use f18 and your arm wears out faster but catches also.
    I fished hellhole, french meadows, Stampeed and the lake close to hwy 80
    Icehouse, Union valley, the junction below union valley is good.
  3. What design (rainbow trout?)do you suggest for the rapalas you mentioned for browns? Broken back or not?
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