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  1. Re: How are your running four down riggers?

    Straight out, longer setbacks, and deeper on the stern. Shorter setbacks, and higher on the side (90 degree) riggers. I like 10 feet between lines on each an example, port side 10, port...
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    Re: Marine Electronics Installation

    He still runs an advertisement in every issue of the Fish Sniffer. The folks that run this forum might be able to help.
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    Re: Marine Electronics Installation

    A quick google search for Sunny’s revealed the location as 1500 El Camino Ave with a phone number (916) 487-3868 and are open Tues-Fri from 10AM to 5PM. Good Luck!
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    Re: Kicker suggestions

    I know you have the 6hp, but have you giving any consideration to just adding a trolling plate to the 35hp?
  5. Re: Abu Garcia 56001 C4, 5500 C3, and 5501 C3 (2), and Lamiglas CG70DR (2) For Sale

    1 C3 5501 left. $70.00 shipped.
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    Re: Minn Kota Terrova - Cracked Shaft

    Call Sunny’s Electric Marine in Sacramento to see if he has a solution for you. He’s one of the only authorized Minn Kota service centers in the state. For the time of a phone call, it might just...
  7. Re: Terrova issues. Thoughts on what it could be?

    I second this statement. Good luck!
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    Re: IPad/Tablet Mount

    Thank you for the feedback. I’m guessing your setup is similar to what Cal has on his new Boulton?

    I’m wanting to put a 16 HDS Live at the helm, then run a tablet at the stern off of the WiFi. ...
  9. Re: Abu Garcia 56001 C4, 5500 C3, and 5501 C3 (2), and Lamiglas CG70DR (2) For Sale

    Update: 1 C3 5500 (Right handed) and 1 C3 5501(left handed) available.
  10. Re: (2) Lamiglas Tournament Kokanee CGR762L

    Rods are sold. Thank you.
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    IPad/Tablet Mount

    Anybody running a tablet at the stern of their boat, and what kind of mount are you using?

    Debating between a second graph or tablet setup.
  12. Re: (2) Lamiglas Tournament Kokanee CGR762L

    Unfortunately, I am not available Friday evening. I can do Saturday afternoon on your way back through town from Collins if you you’d like? I live right off of 99 on the south side of town.
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    Re: Honeybee Success - Lake Almanor

    I bought them
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    Honeybee Success - Lake Almanor

    Had a chance to put the Honeybee mp6 to test last Friday, May 3 at Lake Almanor.

    Normally this time of year the metal bite is really good, and I troll speedy shiners and mooselook wobblers, but...
  15. Re: (2) Lamiglas Tournament Kokanee CGR762L

    Rods are 3 years old. I bought them, used them a couple of times, and have since been living in my closet the last 2.5 years. They are like new.
  16. Re: (2) Lamiglas Tournament Kokanee CGR762L

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    Simms Outerwear (jackets and bibs)

    Kinetic Primaloft Jacket
    -Size Large
    -Excellent Condition

    Contender Fishing Jacket
    -Size Medium
    -Adjustable Cuffs
    -Excellent Condition
  18. (2) Lamiglas Tournament Kokanee CGR762L

    (2)Lamiglas Tournament Kokanee Rods for sale.
    -2 piece
    -Excellent Condition
    $60 each, or $100 for the pair.

    Rods are located in Yuba City.
  19. Re: Abu Garcia 56001 C4, 5500 C3, and 5501 C3 (2), and Lamiglas CG70DR (2) For Sale

    Price drop on the 5500 and (2) 5501 C3. $70.00 each, shipped.
  20. Re: Best prices on Minn Kota Trolling motor

    I haven’t purchased a motor from Hodge’s Marine, but I have bought Minn Kota parts and accessories and have been very happy with their prices.
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    Re: Wanting to buy Lyman Lures

    What size are you looking for?

    Guns, Fishing, and Other Stuff in Pleasanton had an entire wall of size 3 marked 50% off.
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    Re: Steering with panther T5

    Garmin hasn’t released much information on it, but there is some blog talk out there if you search.

    I do know that Reactor 40 is less expensive than the TR1 as my boat builder has already updated...
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    Re: Rod Storage while trailering, where?

    If I am taking a pile of rods, I put them in stik jackets, then lean them across the passenger seat in the cockpit of my North River with the arm rest at a slight upward angle. Butts on the ground,...
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    Lowrance Sonic Hub

    Anyone playing tunes through the newer version of the Lowrance Sonic Hub system? Looking at pairing it with my HDS Live setup, and was curious about the sound quality. Planning on streaming...
  25. Re: Any special or bucket list trips planned this year?

    Looking forward to driving up to White City, Oregon in June/July to pick up my 23’ Rogue Jet Coastal. After that, the rest of my summer will be spent at Almanor with a few trips over to Eagle, and...
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