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    Re: help choosing a fishfinder...

    We run a Helix 9 on the Sniffer Duckworth. I have been a Lowrance guy for 20 years, but have been super impressed with the Humminbird unit.

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  2. Anglers Bag Three Trout Over 7 Pounds at Collins Lake NTAC Event

    Rob Cetinich*of San Jose had a fantastic day on November 3 when he won first place in the adult division of the two-day NorCal Trout Anglers Challenge (NTAC) event at Collins Lake by landing the...
  3. Light Tackle Rockfish off the Big Sur Coast

    Nick Ingram of San Jose holds up a brightly colored vermilion rockfish caught on a swimbait on light tackle off the Big Sur coast aboard the Kahuna out of Moss Landing.*Photo by DAN BACHER, Fish...
  4. Groups Slam Interior Department’s Sweetheart Deal with Westlands Water District

    Conservation, environmental justice and*public interest groups on November 8 responded with outrage to an Associated Press*report that Secretary David Bernhardt’s Interior Department is poised to...
  5. Re: Lake Camanche 11/15/19 Bite is getting Better

    Awesome. Here with the Boy Scouts today to get them on some trout. Your pics are inspiring to a young group of kids.

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  6. Go Light and Shallow for Sonoma Coast Rockfish

      By Mark Fong A quick snap of the rod tip sent my small swimbait toward its target. Letting the bait fall through the water column, I methodically counted it down to 35 feet before closing the bail...
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    Pulling Flies For Lake Davis Rainbows!

    By Cal Kellogg Fall trout fishing is exploding throughout the Sierras and things are starting to pop in the foothills too at places like Collins Lake and New Melones. My most recent trout fishing...
  8. New Federal Water Rules Will Boost Delta Water Exports, Imperil Salmon

    SAN FRANCISCO — The federal government, led by former Westlands Water District and oil industry lobbyist and current Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, on October 22 released a new set of...
  9. Thread: Enigma Lake

    by AnglingWes

    Re: Enigma Lake

    Folsom is full of pike minnows. I’ve caught a couple over 5# chasing kings in the convergence area.

    The trout bite should pop soon. Water temps are sill a bit warm.

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    Re: Control Cable Help

    Lift this lever for throttle only.
  11. September CDFW trawl survey finds zero Delta smelt

    The Delta smelt, once the most abundant fish in the entire Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, has come closer and closer to extinction in the wild in recent years. In the first month of the fall...
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    Re: Trolling with Four Rods!!!!

    I take advantage of every rod we can legally run, and frequently run 6 when the kids are on the boat. One thing that greatly helps prevent issues with double stacks on the downriggers and a pair of...
  13. Tahoe: A Lake of Superlatives and State Fish Records

    SOUTH LAKE TAHOE – Legendary Lake Tahoe, straddling the state line between*California*and*Nevada at an elevation of 6,225*feet, is a lake of superlatives and California state gamefish records. It is...
  14. My First Lingcod Hunt Aboard The Pacific Dream!

    By Stacy Barawed As I was reeling harder than I’d ever reeled before, I heard a man’s voice over my shoulder. “No matter how hard you try,” he muttered, “you’re never gonna catch that fish…” I...
  15. Lake Davis Produces Big Trout & Bigger Smiles

    By Wes Ward The attention span of a twelve-year-old is about a tenth of how long it takes to read the title of this article, which can make fishing with my twelve-year-old son, Jacob, a painful...
  16. Kearns and West announces agenda for SWP Contract Amendment for Delta Tunnel meeting

    The planning for the State Water Project Contract Amendment for the Delta Tunnel under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta*continues, despite the fact that the project has not yet been approved....
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    Pyramid Lake Trout Action Is Underway!

    By Mike McNeilly If you haven’t noticed, Pyramid Lake is getting a ton of ink these days. I’m one of the guys who can’t stop writing about it. If you are sick of reading about Pyramid Lake, and...
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    Lake Davis Video Report

    Here's the report from Davis:
  19. Gavin Newsom Vetoes Bill to Protect Endangered Species Act, Other Federal Laws

      Angering legislators and leaders of California Indian Tribes, fishing groups, environmental justice organizations and conservation groups, Governor Gavin Newsom on September 28 vetoed Senate Bill...
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    Re: My thoughts on living in California

    Can we lock it now? Seems to have run its course.

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  21. Chinook Action Improves After Run4Salmon Tour of Sacramento River

    During the Winnemem Wintu Run4Salmon last year, salmon fishing in the Sacramento Area was surprisingly good. As we were getting ready to board the boat upriver from Discovery Park to Colusa last...
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    Re: Lake Mendocino

    Clear lake has huge cats. Start in the area near the state park.

    Not local to Ukiah, but spend considerable time there.
  23. Re: Need advice on how to get into the trolling game...

    We produce a ton of trolling content on our YouTube channel. There are literally hours of info on every aspect of trolling all of the waters of California for all species.

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    Re: Lake Mendocino

    Used to fish it a lot for bass and stripers. The lake level was drawn down to nothing more than a mud puddle a few years ago. It just hasn’t been the same since.
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    Re: Help on where to go for bass

    Collins lake. Lots of spotted bass, easy shore access, and boat rentals.

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