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    Re: How to Fillet Halibut-Video

    Use to run charters in AK , that's a terrible how to only thing right was his cuts. To long on one fish, dull knife, no cheeks ?
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    Re: Goose Pastrami

    I have a 30" digital masterbuilt with remote but I use a thermo-pro that has a calibration feature. Now my problem is everyone want's some!!!
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    Re: Ice Fishing

    If the ice was reported to be that thick it would support a vehicle, might have been a warm water spring where they punched through. Seen that happen on Big Lake in AK when the ice was 3' thick....
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    Goose Pastrami

    If you don't like the taste of Goose(Duck) this will change your mind. Pretty easy to do purchase or make your own brine. Brine for three days then put into the smoker at 130f for the first hour...
  5. Re: Camanche Boat inspections? lake advise

    Yeah that's the problem you get a different answer depending on who you talk to, Clean and Dry is Clean and Dry
    Oh well guess I wont be fishing there, which is a bummer since the last time I fished...
  6. Re: Camanche Boat inspections? lake advise

    Are they still quarantining out state boats for 30 days that was a couple years ago I was told this. I even went all the way to the EBMUD head quarters asking about having my boat inspected at Tahoe...
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    Youth Deer Hunt

    Tomorrow my 12 yr old Daughter, Me and a Buddy head out to central NV for her first ever big game hunt, having a hell of a time focusing today!
    She been out four times shooting her new Youth .243...
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    Re: New California law

    When I was in Alaska we where on the road kill list. Got a call one winter night at -30. We grabbed a Sawzall and chainsaw and headed out. We got to the site cut it up and took it home. Had to put it...
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    Youth Waterfowl

    34393Took my 12 year old daughter out Saturday for her first duck hunt and she was able to get her first duck. Proud Dad here!!!! Next up her first deer hunt later this month.
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    Re: 2019/2020 Pyramid Lake Permits

    Years ago my Dad won the big fish contest in a Model Dairy tournament with a rattle trap right after I gave him some heckling! Then I said do you have any more of those!
  11. For Sale Minnkota wireless foot pedal

    Bought this thinking my pedal was broken, but turned out i had a gyro issue so its up for sale for $75. I paid $99 plus shipping. Its brand new only been removed from package and put back in. Works...
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