For years there has been an issue with finding quality bait in Sacramento. Fresh bait is hard to come by and when its available its under quality and over priced. Most shops in the Freeport area are like used car sellsmen. They say whats hot, which is usually the most expensive. Example: sturgeon are here and you want eel or pile worms. Over $8 a dozen and when you get them theyre dried up and half dead. Eel seems to be in a shortage? Happy hooker used to sell them for quite cheap and now the "small" eel is $15?

I know the economy and blah blah blah. But when a baitshop wants $6-$7 for a flying c and walmart has them for $3 where are you going to go. They work on upsell. I ask for info, where the hotspots are and who is catching fish. Reply "outback you want wanna buy what theyre gettin caught on?" no I dont.

Ill put in work. Catch lamprey myself and vacuum pack it. Catch some salmon and get the roe myself. I know this argument may make some shake their heads. But I grew up fishing with my g pa and you got what you paid for. If im paying top price for bait then I want quality. I'll use homemade spinners and catch my own bait. Call it pride or what you will. But I refuse to support local baitshops until they learn to treat the people that keep them in business right. Im speaking of the shops in FREEPORT only. Ive been to others in isleton, rio vista, and the bay. Good people there. The shops in sac could learn a thing or two.