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    Re: Another great day of fishing at Lake Amador! 5-10-14

    Spanked them again! Must be the new boat.

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    Re: Another great day of fishing at Lake Amador! 5-10-14

    Another excellent trip. Good to see Jake out on the water. He's a good soul. Very nice trout. That boat is working out well. I'm impressed with your fishing technique. I would never have thought about slow trolling Powerbait. May have taught this old dog a new trick.

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    Re: Another great day of fishing at Lake Amador! 5-10-14

    Another great Amador report...thanks for your last report as well...we did great on Wednesday using your technique.

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    Another great day of fishing at Lake Amador! 5-10-14

    Wake up time 3am. Peggy was kind enough to deliver Jake aka Mackattack to our house @ 5am with homemade fudge! Thanks Peggy!

    On the water 7:15. Last weekend the fishing was incredible so you bet we wanted to do the exact same thing again. That meant heading out to the back end of the lake and slow trolling Power bait. 10-15 ft deep using just a small 1/4" weight. 1mph.

    It didn't disappoint either. 19 fish to the boat and too many strikes to count. Here is the rundown...
    Jake-14", 15", 12", 13", 18", 14", 13", 13",
    Mike-13", 13", 14", 21", 13",
    Kristy-17", 14", 12", 14", 13", 18",

    The best colors were salmon egg red and rainbow. Jake did catch a couple on red Gulp eggs. The fish were a little smaller today but they were hard fighting and beautiful! We went home with only five. To take to our dentist lol. They actually asked me for fish at my cleaning on Friday! I think Jake only took home four. So we released a lot.
    Our take home five...

    Jake said that today was the most fish he has caught in years! So happy we could help make that happen! We also saw James (Freon) and wife Lisa. They were not having the best day. The fish were biting but not committing and to boot they lost their net to a watery grave. I think they did get at least four to the boat though. Nice seeing you two again!

    The weather was really nice and mild until around noon when the wind really picked up and only got worse as the day went on. White caps and tough trolling. Couldn't squeak out fish #20. We headed in at 2pm. Even got rain on the way home.

    All in all another successful day in the new boat and it was super nice to get our friend Jake in on it.

    Enjoy the pics and be SURE to make your Mother's and wives feel special tomorrow!
    Hugs and Fishes....

    Mike and Kristy

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