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    Cool Re: Royal Polaris 7 Day

    cool picture , I'm hungry :)

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    Re: Royal Polaris 7 Day

    The RP is great, Roy Rose makes every trip upbeat and fun. Congrats on the WSB.

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    Re: Royal Polaris 7 Day

    Wow !! Love the report and the pixs, looks like the tales of a life-time, nice Bass that had to be a special treat. Thanks for sharing the excitment with us.

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    Re: Royal Polaris 7 Day

    Right on Kenji, sounds like a very nice trip. Yoyo iron is no joke! My arms are sore just reading it. And that bite on the straight up and down.....priceless. Glad you got to experience it. You and your crew did well - congrats!

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    Re: Royal Polaris 7 Day

    Cool trip!

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    Royal Polaris 7 Day

    After months of waiting, preparing and sleepless nights, I finally went on my first long range trip. Most people would have started small and gone with a 1.5- or 3-day trip. Screw that, I wanted the best chance at quality fish and variety. Decided on the “best of the best” and booked a 7-day aboard the Royal Polaris. Joining me would be my good friend, Mike Stroh, and his two friends, Dan and Charlie. Stroh has only been out once on the RP, but Dan and Charlie are regulars on the boat and know the entire crew very well.

    We drove down to San Diego on Friday and Dan put us up in a swanky spa resort called the San Bernardo Inn and Golf Club. We ate a huge dinner and too many cocktails. We knew the boat was leaving late due to some scheduled repairs. Up the next morning at 7:00 a.m.

    Day 1
    Get boarded and unpacked and the boat shoves off at noon. Crew had already grabbed bait and we were loaded with a big load of small sardines, Spanish mackerel and anchovies. Once we were steaming out of the harbor, we were introduced to our Charter Masters, Bob and Sherry Ingles, who run the Queen of Hearts Sport Fishing in Half Moon Bay. They have been running this trip every year for 20 years. They gave us the run down and handed out custom hats and shirts.
    Our skipper for the trip was a surprise. We were supposed to have the well-known Roy Rose driving the boat … but he had last minute plans and left us in the hands of his young protégé, Jonathan. Kid is 26-27 and looks all of 16!
    Johnathan says the plan is to head to Alijos and fish wahoo, then run back and fish tuna for two days near San Diego. Not 10 minutes after his speech and fishing seminar, Jon comes back and says plans have changed. A boat just came from Alijos and only got 10 wahoos for the entire boat. New plan is to run down to Cedros Island, fish yellowtail for two days then run back up for tuna for two days.
    We trolled that evening in the chose-to-home tuna grounds. One fish on the troll and Stroh struck one on a jig. Nothing huge - a nice 15 pound YFT.
    Dinner first night was steak and shrimp salad.

    Day 2
    We traveled all day heading south to Cedros. Got my rods ready for YT.

    Kit #1 - Avet LX 2spd/TEREZ H, 50#, dropper loop rig

    Kit #2 - Accurate Boss Fury/CalStar MH, 40# homemade “Smores” iron jig

    We will be fishing 180 feet of water close to the bottom, tomorrow.

    Day 3
    Started fishing early around 5:30 a.m. Few small sea bass caught. We were fishing a kelp line in 180 ft. No YT biting, so onto stop #2. Stroh starts off with two nice YT, 18# and 20#. I finally hook up around 8:00 a.m. with 18#, 22# and 20# YT on the yoyo iron. These fish are my first taste of YT and they pull like mules. I’m hooked immediately! By 9 a.m., I’m gassed from dropping and winding the iron, but have a few Modelos and continue on. 10:00 a.m., 4th stop and I land my best of the day - a nice 25# YT. We anchor around noon a few yards off a huge kelp bed and fish the afternoon there. Stroh gets back on it landing four in the 15-20# range.

    Late in the day and I’m still working my lucky “Smores” iron and I get hammered a few cranks off the bottom. Fish feels real good and pins me to the rail for a few seconds. I drop it into low and go to work. Fish pulls hard, but strange. Long, blistering runs rather than the hard, bulldog runs. Get the fish in and it is a big WSB! This is my first WSB and I’m screaming for a gaff. We get it in the boat and the crew is super stoked for me. 30 pounder, not big by most salt guys but it’s my first and I’m beyond thrilled! Got a few pics and poured some Crown for me and the homies.

    Day 4
    Today was more of the same, steady yellowtail bite. Not real hot, but 10-20 fish per stop and onto the next. Stroh and I fished hard. After lunch we both had 3-4 YT each in the 20-25# range. I did stick a few randoms including a Sheep Head, Calico and a Skippy. By the end of the day my arms are dead from cranking the yoyo. My hands are worn and my back hurts, but I’m loving every minute! Eat a huge dinner and in my bunk by 9:30 p.m.

    Day 5
    Up at 4:00 a.m. and we are now back up north and 40 miles off San Diego. Eight other boats in the zone and we’re running in the dark chasing sonar marks. Get into a small school at 5:00 a.m. and Stroh boats a 12# BFT. I stick my first ever tuna at 8:00 a.m. - a fat 15# YFT. Of course, I eat the heart and wash it down with a cold one. We scratch at them all day, chasing puddlers and sonar schools. Bite never goes wide open, but it’s steady.

    I get a few here and there and finish with four YFT all in the 20-25# range. Stroh finishes with one BFT 15# and one YFT 25#. Only bigger fish were twin BFT in the 40# range. Hopefully, tomorrow will be as good or better.

    Day 6
    Second and last day of tuna. Same drill. Awake at 5:00 a.m. to find 8 more boats in the same zone. I stick one on the first drift - a nice 20# YFT, before breakfast. I score another at 9:00 a.m., a small 15# football. By 11:00 a.m. it’s looking bleak with only four fish to the boat, two of which are mine. After a long dry spell we get on them at 3:00 p.m. and it’s one long, steady pick for five hours. I land some quality BFT in the 30# range! Stroh is having a tough day with 0 landed fish and 3 farmed fish. Finally, he gets bit at 6:00 p.m. on his 40# JX Kit. I razz him for 20 minutes and tell him to stop ****ing around and get it in. 30 minutes in and I see deep color. It looks huge (to me!). I’m guessing over 100 #, but what do I know? He finally gets it close and the deck hands get 2 gaffs on it. Comes over and scales out at 70#! Biggest BFT of the trip. Few minutes later our friend, Dan, hooks into another dandy … 68# BFT! Now I’m pumped and want mine! I switch over to my 50# kit and soak a huge sardine for what seems like an hour. Finally get bit and it feels solid. Makes a long, slow run and feels way different than the YFT I’ve been on. I fight it for 15 minutes and get it close. ****! Tail wrapped 30# YFT. Not the huge BFT, but nice fish none the less. I quit after that - my back and arms are dying. Sun goes down and the bite dies.

    Final dinner on the boat and the crew doesn’t disappoint. Sashimi BFT, prime rib and apple pie ala mode. Tomorrow we unload at 6:00 a.m.

    Day 7
    I wake up at 5:00 a.m. to find us tied up at the bait receiver and waiting our turn to pull into the dock. Get unloaded at 6:00 a.m. Our friend, Dan, has thought ahead and made us reservations at Fisherman’s Processing. We get the first three spots for fish cleaning. We head to Old Town Mexican Café and grab breakfast. We get the call our fish is done at 8:00 a.m. We get it packed in our coolers and on the road at 9:00 a.m. Make the long haul home to Lodi and crash out.

    All in all, an amazing trip … 4-5 new species and PB’s. Final fish count for me was
    10 YT (18-25#), 6 YFT (15-30#), 4 BFT (15-40#) and the WSB (30#). The crew of the Royal Polaris was top notch, always willing to help and just all-around great guys. The food was crazy! You can tell by the food porn pics these guys don’t mess around. I’m seriously sick of eating and I eat a lot. I learned a bunch and obviously have a ton more to learn. This was a trip of a lifetime for me. I hope to fish the RP every year from now on.

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