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    Re: Englebright wash-out

    Welcome to the board Skeausha(what does that mean?). We fished Englebright in the spring and it was a fish per hour type lake. So im not surprised its pretty slow right now. Also fishing at 20' is a nono this time of year in the foothills as you probably know. As for the lake it seemed to me that being so narrow and a smaller lake in general it would be tough for it to have a decent amount of holdovers. Now ive only fished it twice in my life so i could be wrong but there just didnt seem to be any place for a fish to go on livin for a couple years. The Marina probably is the best area of the lake but with all those residents it must get pounded. I did like the rivermouth but it was shallow even in the spring and didnt offer much promise, a few decent natives washing in during the winter but pretty thin overall. Seemed like a great lake to camp on for a weekend though. Maybe others have had better success there but i like to invest time on water where you have a chance at fish over a pound, like Shasta or thanks to the pens and no year-round residents, Berryessa. Nice report on your part, keepem comin.

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    Englebright wash-out

    Howdy Trout board,

    After a few months of Tooo much work I decided to take a few days off, and get some fishing in.
    The spot I picked is one of my favorite places Englebright reservoir. I got there early enough (6am) and stayed until 10:30am.
    I started out at skippers cove marina, launched, baited, and waited, and waited, and waited.
    7 times out of 10 I can usually get an easy pick before I leave the marina, and that helps get the day off to a good start, but this time... nothing.
    I troll slow using Sep's, and live Nightcrawlers down about 20 feet.
    Undaunted, I headed right out of the marina, and followed the right side shore all the way to Keystone Ravine. Usually in the two shallow coves I'll pick one or two more trout before reaching Keystone... nope.
    I looked at the water temp to find that on average it stayed right around 69.8 - 70.2 degrees.
    Hmmm... there's my problem so i decided to head out to deeper water. By the time I was ready the recreational boaters had woke up. I had no chance out there. There was more boat traffic than highway 50 @ rush hour, so I was done. My guess is the fish are stressed by the increased summer boat traffic, but I'm no fish psychologist.
    Had to wait 30 minutes for my chance to get my canoe out of the water... SMH
    I should have headed up higher into the Sierra Nevada.

    Trout report for Englebright - Skunked!

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