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    Re: What happened to the glow color?

    Old Phosphorescent powders "burn", turn grey when exposed to UV (sunlight). Quick "cure" is to spray a UV protecting Clear, Gloss Acrylic paint like the one that KRYLON makes, before, it is exposed to sunlight. I recommend that on all glow lures. As a lure manufacturer, it happened to all of my "older" products.

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    Re: What happened to the glow color?

    You can't leave the glow side in the sun... It will happen to everyone that is left out(glow side only). Got to protect that glow side from the direct sun if over like 85 degrees... I warned of this the last few years... But never remember till it happens again...

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    What happened to the glow color?

    I went out for opening day salmon season today and tried a brand new Brad’s Cut Plug in Bloody Nose color (white glow with red tip). After getting home today, I noticed where the glow used to be it’s all grey now, and doesn’t glow. I’ve included a picture of it alongside a brand new one that sat in my tacklebox unused today. You can also see where the rubber band goes to hold it closed did not turn grey. I fished just like I have in the past with no problems. The only difference today was I didn’t have any tunafish mixed up so I just used the little sponge pad and put a dab of pro cure bloody tuna on it. But even when I use tuna I also add the pro cure....

    At first I thought that maybe due to the heat something happened, but as I stated earlier the other one stayed inside my tacklebox out in the heat and it’s fine.
    Then I thought that maybe it was just defective, but I noticed that another color I used today, that I used last year many times and never had this happen to also had the same problem (the glow on the underside turned grey).
    Combination of pro cure gel AND heat maybe works like paint thinner?

    Has anybody ever seen this or know what causes it? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow if they revert back to their original color. Maybe there’s some weird crap in the Sacramento River right now ?

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