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    Re: SJ stripers 11/4

    Thanks for the report Ben, I have been wondering what was going on in that area. Hey at least you got a boat lmit... Even though you snagged that one on the head. That is not uncommon. I think a lot of those stripes are trying to hit the spoon when they are snagged. Sounds like you're doing a good job. I might try to head that way this weekend. All that debris on the SJ ran me out last time and the brown water toward Collinsville I did not like.

    Keep at it.

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    SJ stripers 11/4

    Launched out of Lauritzen’s at 0700 Sunday morning, solo journey. Winds were light and the river looked ‘fishy’. Did notice lots of debris on main SJ.
    Headed to Broad slough. Fished Fraser shoal and the runway. Marked a lot of fish in the runway but couldn’t get them going with spoons and jigs.
    Broad slough actually became a bit windy for my liking, so I motored back down to main SJ.
    Drifted back toward Lauritzen’s on the TM along the channel edge, spooning a 1.75 oz bladerunner in chartreuse. Ended up boating a 18” striper followed by a 22”er, both released safely. Then I caught 7 or 8 shorts.
    Wind wasn’t a problem once I was out of Broad slough. Visibility wasn’t great. Forgot to note the water temp. Fish were all caught between 10-20ft on an incoming tide. Finished at 1100.
    The 18” fish was hooked on the top of the head, not sure he really counted. Is this normal with spooning? I’ve noticed it on my last few trips, several foul hook-jobs.
    Also saw a muskrat on the SJ and a beaver in the runway.

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