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    Re: 100% fluorocarbon for downlining

    I gotta ask...I've never heard of Downlining.. Guessing most west coast guys haven't either. What is this downlining techniques you speak of?And if you're running InvisX as your mainline, why would you then need a AbrazX flouro leader?

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    100% fluorocarbon for downlining

    A buddy of mine wasn’t having such good luck downlining for stripers on Cherokee Lake TN. He was spooled with mono, fluorocarbon leader and using alewives for bait. A new friend of his who is a guide said he needed to spool with 100% fluorocarbon! He did and has had very good success. The water in Cherokee is stained so that makes me even question more as to why fluorocarbon. Question is what are you guys spooling with for downlining? Also the norm on Cherokee seems to be 15 lb main line and 10 or 12 lb leader. How long of a leader do you use? I just spooled a reel with Seaquar Inviz 15 lb to try out, not sure on what to use for leader. Maybe Seaquar Abraiz?

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