Great day on the marsh. Brown dog and I will get this waterfowl thing down! Shot at a lot, and missed a lot, but dropped a teal and smacked my first mallard that came in with another, feet down wings cupped right into my decoys, just breathtaking. Brown dog retrieved it after a little encouragement (biggest bird she's ever seen), but she did retrieve it BY THE FOOT hahahahaha. I thought I had taken 3 shells of BB and when i saw geese coming I loaded those, they turned out to be #5's or else I would've most likely got my first goose today too. Well looks like I'll be taking fishing vacations this time of year from here on out.49465005_995984550598134_190456390551076864_n.jpg49452260_995982753931647_8440847897674645504_o.jpg