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    Re: Santa Cruz Wharf Report

    forget the wharf
    if you want some really cool fish action try,
    surf perch with a trout rod and motor oil grub.
    no need to cast further than 20ft or so. they lurk
    in the shallows about waist to knee deep. most people
    cast out to far and just miss the action. you can walk
    and fish for hours in ankle deep water and its not uncommon
    to catch and release 20+ fish in a session. most all santa cruz
    beaches have plenty of fish at any one time.

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    Wink Santa Cruz Wharf Report

    Hello All,

    Long time lurker here, first time posting. Any reports on Santa Cruz Wharf? Trying to balance an infant with fishing, in cold rainy weather. We know capitola or any other jetty would be better, but keeping the car next you seems like a better option for now. Any advice would be appreciated too Trying to head out once the storm clears next week. Thanks peeps.

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