Fishing bankers hours again after kindergarten drop off. Looked to expand on last weeks rip bait fish and started on the flats down in rabbit creek for zero fish on various pointer minnows and rattle baits.

After an hour or so, ran across the lake and tried again on a big flat just short of the dike. Again zero fish, but drifted in shallow while getting a drink and started to notice cruisers and beds everywhere. Perfect conditions for sight fishing with greasy slick surface and a flat sky. Realizing I left my bed fishing box on the bench I quickly rigged up bubblegum and white/chartreuse senkos and got to work.

First cast to cruising 2# and he rushed up to grab it on the fall. Next 3 beds each had solitary 2# class fish locked up and eat on the first casts. Turned and worked the other side of the pocket for 2 more cruisers then found 2 more beds with aggressive occupants. Im no sight fishing expert, but its been years since Ive found fish so aggressive and concentrated all at the same time.

Got on the trolling motor and turned up the speed looking for bigger fish but only found 1-2# class fish as I worked my way up towards the submerged island tops closer to the entrance to South Shore.

Went old school with a crawdad colored fat rap and dredged up 2 nice 2.5# spots in about 6 on an island top. Hit the spot lock and fan casted a wacky rigged green pumpkin senko for 4 more chunky spots and LM up to 3#.

Ran up to China Gulch and continued prospecting with the fat rap and followed the same routine. Most spots would only yield 1 fish on the crank, but more often than not would surrender additions fish on the senko. Crossed over to the West Bank, lather rinse repeat.

Moved out to the north wall in Launcha Plana and the Fat Rap continued to be the hot bait. Coasting downwind through the submerged boulders the bite was interesting as the fish all hit immediately next to the bank or right as the bait approached the boat and turned up to the surface, nothing in between.

Cranked rock piles on the east side for the same pattern as the morning. 1-2 fish on the fat rap, spot lock, then another couple of fish on the senko or drop shot.

My Motorguide Tour TMs served me well for 30 years, but now its hard to imagine fishing without spot lock and auto pilot. Minn Kota has figured it out!

Surprised the Jerkbait bite vanished, but very pleased to see the fat rap still produces.

Maybe 3 dozen fish, 1/4 LM, 3/4 Spots in all stages of the spawn, but did not see any fry yet. Best 5, maybe 14#.

Water started at 59* and peaked at 63* with solid 4+ clarity and partly cloudy skies with variable winds up to 10mph. Below are the primary tools for the day along with a fish pic.

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