Unsettled weather seemed to dampen the reaction bite of the prior weeks, but the bass are still up and roaming shallow.

Started the morning with cranks and ripbaits on island tops and secondary points across midlake and around south shore for one bump and zero hookups for a two hour effort.

NW winds made sight fishing a tough proposition so we slowed down and began to blind cast wacky rigged senkos around cobble/gravel points and spawning areas.

Slow but steady bite in 3’- 10’ with most fish coming near the bottom or after a couple pull and drop sequences from midlake up to Launcha Plana.

5” green pumpkin or watermelon senkos did all the damage and didn’t seem to matter much whether we used a nail weight or not.

Roughly 20 keepers for the day split 1/3 LM and 2/3 Spots. Mildly interesting was that the largemouth all looked spawned out but the Spots for the most part still looked prespawn. Big fish were two spots 3-3.25, with most fish in the usual 1.75#-2# range.

Wind ranged from zero to about 15mph and the skies were cloudy to partly cloudy and water has cleared completely except for windward banks that ended up cloudy/stained.

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