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    Re: Friday PM Delta Bite

    That’s one fine afternoon. First trip this spring but it sounds you’ve got the Delta pretty well figured out from years passed. It’s fun to fish a place you know well. Kind of like hanging out with an old friend.

    Thanks for the report.

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    Friday PM Delta Bite

    Wind didn’t materialize as forecasted so I ran out to B & W at 3 to catch the bottom end of the tide for my first Bass outing to the Delta this spring.

    Ran up towards Terminous for good visibility and temps around 68*. Lots of fry of all sizes in the water with lots of post spawn cruisers as well. Found one cluster of beds with fish from 1#-3# locked in and caught and released 4 in short order.

    Continued north throwing a Sammy along outside weed edges and managed 5 fish to 4# and a couple of missed blowups.

    Moved in to Hog as the tide bottomed out and caught two more fish on the Sammy and flipped a couple of bucks on a 6” Aaron’s Magic worm in cuts in the grass.

    Water began to color up with the wind and incoming tide and put an end to the topwater bite and I headed for the barn a little before 7.

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