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    Re: Speaking of Hearing Aids.....

    That’s a good woman right there....

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    Re: Speaking of Hearing Aids.....

    I wear two also. I relate. Maybe the eyes are worse than I thought. I don't see Obama or momma?
    You can’t fix stupid, no matter how much duct tape you use!
    Doing the best I can with what's left.

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    Re: Speaking of Hearing Aids.....


    I was reading your post on my phone and when I saw "picture of Obama" I immediately went to the picture and noticed the staining on the wood to the left of the nest. I picked out two eyes, a nondescript nose area and a Lincolnesque appearing beard and thought that doesn't look like Obama. SMH

    And I can relate....

    Last night Lisa and I were watching TV and the scene was a drone flying along a beach videoing the beach.

    Flying along and a volleyball net appears and the beach is only a few yards wider than the net. I thought to my self, WOW! The beach is really narrow there. But that's not what I said.

    What I said was "WOW! The ocean is really close to the beach there". As soon as I said that I looked at Lisa, who was already looking at me with amazement and I immediately admitted, without provocation, that that was a really dumb thing to say.

    She started laughing and I followed suit. Then I said "I can't believe I said that".
    She said "You're kidding....right"?

    And we laughed some more.

    Still SMH

    Catch ya later ... hooks

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    Speaking of Hearing Aids.....

    Speaking of Hearing Aid....

    I wear two but at times it doesn't help when the wife talks to me.

    So yesterday afternoon she took pictures of the Hummingbirds nest with two babies under the back porch's roof.

    Then while transferring and viewing them on her computer she least what I heard her say was, I didn't realize I had a picture of Obama in my camera”.

    Very surprised, I replied, “What???? You have a picture of Obama”???? She repeated least that's what I heard... “Obama...Obama!”. Wow, I asked “when did you take his picture?? “”

    Frustrated, she yelled, “A picture of THE MAMA...the hummingbirds MAMA...THE MAMA!!!”

    I starting laughing so hard that I had tears rolling down my cheek and when I got my composure back I asked, “What's for dinner?”

    54 yrs and she still puts up with me.

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