Nice Locking Seat Swivel bracket for $40.
Best to send me a PM if interested.

These sell for $90 on Amazon

Garelick/Eez-In 75096:01 8-Position Locking Seat Swivel

by Garelick/EEz-In

$89.37 Free Shipping for Prime Members

  • Convenient Handle Provides Solid Locking At Any Position
  • Compatible With Most 360 Degree Spiders
  • Wobble-Free Design/Operation
  • Anodized Aluminum With Stainless Steel Hardware. Spider Swivel Casting Not Included
  • Free swiveling or locks every 45 degrees
  • Convenient handle provides solid locking at any position
  • Compatible with most 360 spiders
  • Wobble-Free Design/Operation
  • Anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware. Spider swivel casting not included
  • Free swiveling or locks every 45 degrees