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    Re: Recommendations on a float tube

    I have a fishcat u shaped float tube and I love it. My advice is to get a u shaped one not the doughnut ones. The u shaped ones keep more of your body out of the water and a lot easier to get in and out. If I were to purchase one now it would be the wilderness lite just to loose the extra weight when packing. Yes fins are a must! I prefer the fins that go over the boots it just saves your waders or wet wading booties from getting ripped. Going to need the waders most the summer if not all up in the high country.
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    Recommendations on a float tube

    Looking for a rec on a decent float tube. I've never had one or used one. I've seen the ones in the Bass Pro before, but I'm not sure which ones are a good option. I do casting and fly fishing and I'll be hitting some lakes in Yosemite this summer and hopefully some up north in Tahoe off of 80, 50 and 88 this summer.

    Any help on tubes and fins (if fins are a good idea to use).

    Thank you!

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