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    Re: Last day's at Pryamid

    I feel your pain MKE.....I lost a big one on Saturday also. Had him all the in to the leader with the net in my left hand ready to net him. He did a turn and rolled and the hook came out pretty as can be and he slowly swam away into the depths. I did get to see him though. Congrats on a great close to the season!
    Catch ya later ... hooks

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    Re: Last day's at Pryamid

    That is a great way to end the season.

    WOW. Those are some very large trout, that has to be fun for everyone.

    Yes the last two weeks were fantastic for those of us that could get out on this water.
    Yes, those big fish do find ways to get off and break your heart but one has to remember........
    they have the advantage with only Barbless hooks in the Reg's , to help get free.

    Next season should be even better with them growing BIGGER !!

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    Last day's at Pryamid

    My good friend and I took our daughters camping and fishing at Pryamid this weekend for the last two days of the season. This was our fist time fishing the lake in June and it didn't disappoint. On Saturday it was HOG city both the girls got trout over 12# which seemed to be the average that day. I lost one easily 25 pounds at the boat because he straightened out my 40# dou lock snap. Then 20 minutes later my buddy is on and the trout kept him pinned for 15 minutes and decided to spit the lure out. All and all Saturday was an epic day with lots of BIG trout.
    Sunday was a different story for us. It took an hour or so to find them and when we did it wasn't that spectacular. I caught two of the smallest trout I've ever caught there at the 15" range. My buddy got a few that were bigger but nothing to wright home about. Then we let the girls swim for a while and went home. Lures we used were Lymens, GVF draggins, mag lips, and spoons. Bright colors worked the best. Can't wait until next year.

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