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Thread: Float Tube Help

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    Re: Float Tube Help

    Many have heart attacks because the wing blows them from where they want to go.
    keep your head and go with the wind, get on shore and walk back.
    you can overheat if kicking and working hard, young guns can do it and they get totally wet from perspiration.
    My son did Hell Hole at 18 - 19 and I was in my boat, picked him up, but couldn't find him, He was up above the high water line in the trees.
    Wet and shivering, walking to get warm.
    he also caught the biggest fish at 4.5#, against 4 other boats of our fishing crew.

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    Float Tube Help

    So I got my float tube....but I have yet to use it.

    I have my set of waders, wading boots and fins. I'm assuming I need to bring a PFD on board as well and I've had one of those for past trips.

    I do have some questions since I haven't used waders before or a float tube. What do you wear under your waders?! I hear don't wear jeans since those can tear them. Do you wear something like sweat pants?

    Anything recommended to bring on a float tube? I'd just be doing small lakes right now for bass and trout, maybe like Rucker or Fuller lake in Tahoe since those are the ones I know people say to go tube in.

    Any "Do's" and "Don'ts" for tubing?

    I also hear people hook up fish finders on these things? How is that even possible??

    Thank you so much for the help!

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