My dad and I went out on Tomales bay for the first time with a buddy who invited us on his boat. We hit the road at 6 AM and ten minutes into the trip his 5.9 Cummins throws a CEL and goes in to limp mode. We spent a short time on the side of the road trying to get it to run decently but we ended up limping it back home and swapping out for our Chevy Tahoe. Swapped over the Bayrunner and we were back in action.
Once we arrived at the marina the tide was almost at his lowest point. We flipped on the four-wheel-drive and tried to back the boat down the ramp and into the mud but it just wasn’t happening. The tongue on the trailer was way too short and it wasn’t allowing the boat to float off of the trailer without getting the truck off the ramp as well. Well thats that... We had no choice but to hurry up and wait.
We killed 2 1/2 hours eating and chatting with people that we found around the area. Finally by 11 we had enough water to get the boat in so we hauled east word in search of Bait. We found a few good schools of anchovy that we drifted along with the frozen bait but we had no luck. We covered from the mouth of the bay back to hog Island and by the time we pulled back up to the dock at four in the afternoon we were empty-handed.
We still had some fun though and we got to see some people get rescued from the mouth after they tried to cross in a tiny boat. That was almost bad. I’ve never ridden through that bay either and I can honestly say that it really captivated me. That whole area is just teaming with wildlife and is somehow completely different than the San Francisco Bay. I’ll go back soon to try my hand again.

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