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    Re: Piper Slought

    I noticed you posted the same question on at least 3 different forums here. Here is my response from one of the other forums -

    Sounds like a great relaxing time. Be sure the little ones wear a pfd at all times and watch them like a hawk.
    Theres a lot of boat traffic through that area. Ive never really fished it but have cruised through there many times. Try bait fishing for stripper and catfish off your dock. For catfish, clams are a great bait. Also night crawlers and chicken livers. For stripper Id try sardines, anchovies, shad and chicken livers. Try for stripper any time and concentrate on catfish in the evening. Around the tules you may catch anything, LMB, striper, crappie, catfish, blue gill. You may also catch crappie around your dock.
    I have a friend who has a large boat docked at one of the marinas around there and he fishes off the back of his boat and catches catfish and stripper all the time.
    Also Sugar Barge has great food. Their fish and chips are outstanding.
    Have a great time and good luck.
    Hunting, Fishing and Labrador Retrievers and at the end of the day a glass of Buffalo Trace Whiskey- Life is Sweet.

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    Re: Piper Slought

    If you want to just catch something, try red worms under a bobber around tules for bluegills and crappie. Piper Slough also will hold stripers along with catfish. Minnows and mudsuchers will work for stripers and the kitty fish and any cut bait will also hopefully keep you busy with something making your rod move.

    Enjoy your time on the water.

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    Piper Slought

    Wife is treating me with a airbandb for my bithday on piper slough second week in August. Wondering if anyone is having and luck out there. We have a private dock a couple of blocks down from sugar barge. Any info would be greatly appreciated since we are taking our 3 year old and 18 month old. We are going to be dock fishing, no boat....

    Hopefully catching their first fish! I have done a little researching and we do have some tules and grass beds. Can i use a minnow trap to get some bait for crappie? Or even some bigger catfish or maybe a striper or two...

    Thanks!!!!!! TIGHT LINES AND FISH ON

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