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    Re: 7/24 Stampede trip

    Thanks for the update. I'm heading up there in a few hours and will be out there for the EARLY morning bite!!!!
    Captain of the Little Liberator.

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    7/24 Stampede trip

    Still catching kokanee in the 29 to 44 foot depths with a few at 65 if you like to go that deep.

    Can't get over the heat wave that starts at around 9am and just gets HOTTER !! Sure is nice
    if your boat has a sun top for some shade or a very large brimmed hat !!

    Lots of boats for a midday outing...........
    many had to use the overflow if dragging in at 8am, bankers hours, so come early.

    Either a lot of retired people or people on vacation......... I have never seen a Wednesday crowd like
    this before. Fishing best early and done around 11am for most.

    Tackle has been listed on the other post but I will add one more dodger color that worked........ Chart. Yellow.

    8-11" koks are all over the place but there are a few 14" that are willing to bite if you can weed through the
    little guys. I had a little better luck when adding "GoGo juice", than just natural corn.

    Took a run up the Truckee arm, where I have never been before.
    Just watch out as the willows on the right come into view.
    I was talking and not paying attention and all of a sudden found my boat that was 75 yards from shore 27 feet of water !! No lost gear but a little moss and stick cleaning was in order.

    Tight lines.

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