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    Re: New Melones Koke 7/24

    Glad you guys got into them! May try to do one or two more trips this year for them.

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    Re: New Melones Koke 7/24

    That’s a nice day. We fished New Melones earlier this year and picked up a few but limits were definitely not the norm. We did a couple afternoon tours and several guides were pulling out at 3 & 4 o’clock. That told me, they were working their butts off to get their clients fish. Several nice fish is a good day out there this year.

    Well done.
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    Re: New Melones Koke 7/24

    Nice fish. This seems to be the time of year for large Kokanee.

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    New Melones Koke 7/24

    Craig and I have trouble with catching kokes. Always seem to time it wrong or something. This time we at least caught 4 and lost two. A big thank you to BigUnInDaBoat. for steering us in the right direction.
    The fist one I hooked in about 60' OTW was pullling hard. I was impressed. Then came unbuttoned. I thought it just came unhooked but once I got my line in and was looking at the hooks one was gone. This was a small hoochie type lure factory tied knots and one knot just came unraveled. The curly pigtail from the failed snell came undone. So check those knots even if you didn't tie them. Ha!

    Next one came on a green kokanee kandy spoon behind a flasher at 50'. These kokes were fat and healthy. I don't think I will fish for early kokes again. 9" fish are not that fun. These were about 16".

    Craig gets on the board at 50' OTW and now we both have a fish.

    So we tried various sling blades and hooche or mini spoons (kokanee Kandy).

    The final product.

    There were a fair amount of boats on the lake fishing for the same. We saw very few nets fly and at the ramp two people I talked to were one fish and the other skunked. So that at least made me feel better as to our number of fish. We saw no one go in due to limits.

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