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    Re: Summer time finesse fishing

    Try a drop shot with a robo worm hooked just at the nose. Be very subtle with the action you impart. Use light colors as the sun starts to get higher into the sky. Top water and other baits that displace a lot of water should be saved during first light or night fishing in the summer months, although many people are effective with them it seems like in any condition. A Texas rigged softbait like a pumpkin craw dragged slowly along the bottom works good for me in small lakes and ponds in the summer time. Jigging a small rat l trap also works when the fish are lethargic. Good luck!

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    Summer time finesse fishing

    I've been working a local pond with ultra clear water with some finesse techniques to get the lethargic bass to bite during the mid-day summer heat. I've had limited success, only on weightless Texas-rigged Senkos.

    What are some other beginner-friendly finesse techniques I can try? The other day I went out and was sight fishing a couple 1-2 lb bass just cruising in front of me in the shade line, but couldn't get them to bite anything. Tried Texas-rigged Senkos, wacky rigged Senkos on a drop shot, white Zoom Fluke Jr on a drop shot, and none of those worked. The fish even swam right by the bait and grazed it with its tail and could not care less.

    Just to try out other baits in my box, I tried a spinnerbait and even a topwater pop-r, to no avail. The pop-r at least got the fish to stop and stare for a bit, but no further interest. I need to learn to fish other baits better, so perhaps my technique needs work too. But for now, any tips for some easy, go-to finesse approaches? I picked up some jigheads and will try shaky head with finesse worms next, and will probably try the drop shot again but fish it much slower.
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