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    Glad to see you getting the boat on the lake Ed, worms are always an issue for me too, it's why I have the beer/worm fridge in the garage and their own bedding....Jetspray
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    Re: 8/6/19 Frenchman Lake

    Sounds like a fine day on the water. 17 red stripe rainbow is worth a trip on its own. If I recall everything they stock in there are fingerlings or sub-catchable. They sure make for a better fight and dinner growing to size on bugs and minnows than the ones straight out of the truck.

    Thanks for the great report.

    Congrats on a nice trip.

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    8/6/19 Frenchman Lake

    Lake is dropping and the shore fishermen are finally finding some beach to fish from at Turkey point
    and around the East shores..........

    A month ago it was slim pickings for step banks and dry feet fishing when I first ventured out at TP.

    Today was a boat fishing exercise, on where to find the fish and at what depts. and what worked.

    Started at the main South boat ramp launch area and found fish on the way to the "Island" that is now
    ten feet under the surface with the high water. A good thing ? !

    Trout also in the North "Pond" in the Turkey point area, north and west of the area.
    Had a heck of a time finding out what the heck they wanted on this trip.
    Usually it is a no brainer but for some reason they were tight lipped on this trip and also "Scattered" and
    not in a set pattern, making it even harder to get locked in.

    Caught them on a dodger, large blades and small blades with a worm at the rear as the fish getter.

    Both the D//R and a "Top line" with a 3 oz. weight back behind the short D/R setback worked to pick
    up trout on this outing. Best time was 10:45 am for a bite spree, for some odd reason.

    22 ft OTW or above the bottom in 30-45 feet of water was working for us in the North pond......
    I have no idea where my 3 oz. weight was with my spin reel set up but it caught three trout in 30 minutes
    when the bite was on.

    Best trout was a nice bow with a nice red stripe and spots and she had nice pink meat at 17" long.

    If by chance you buy worms at the Reno Sportsman.............
    make sure to dump them out, count them and make sure they are ALIVE!!

    Thanks for the boat ride OYD.
    Tight lines.

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