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    Re: Found an old friend

    Haha nice you have found your little old cute friend. I think your old friend will surely help you in fishing. I also want to do fishing that is why I came here to learn tips about fishing. I have found your post very interesting and I can’t stop myself by commenting. Actually I was searching for the free anti-plagiarism software like but istead of it I found fishsniffer website, that was really cool and Now I will contact to my friends to plan fishing at near by lake.

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    Found an old friend

    As I get old I start to miss place things, but the other day I made a nice discovery......

    Not that I don't have a lot of equipment but it is always nice to have a "Custom fit" for
    some of the jobs at hand, in and out of the house.

    Here is a picture of my small unit that I found in a old jacket that I don't use much any more.
    Nice to be able to use it again on the smaller trout to remove the flys w/o touching them.

    Tight lines.

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