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Thread: fly deterent

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    Re: fly deterent

    I take one of these camping and sometimes hiking and mountain biking. When it gets bad, nothing beats it. And it's quick on then quick off for that brief sortie of sunset mosquitoes.

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    Re: fly deterent

    Don’t slap so hard?

    Sorry, couldn’t help it.

    Mosquito repellent seems to work for biting flys and ticks. Expect it would work for sand flies too.

    Good luck

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    fly deterent

    So whenever we bank fish off the rocks we often spend most of the time swatting fly, which often go for ears, back of neck, nose, everything, eek! I swatted off dozens today (probably hundreds), slapped the back of my neck real good left a hand print and practically gave myself a blackeye on another. Any tricks to keep these off me so the cops don't knock down the door and accuse my wife of beating me up?

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