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    Re: My 2 cents on exploring waters off the hiway 50 corridor

    Thanks for the post... Lived in that area for 20+ years(before moving over the "hills") and fished both of the waters you mentioned a lot and lauched my little Valco at both. I found Brush to be filled with a lot of long but rather thin Browns and Slab filled with Squawfish but from fall to spring the rainbow bite picks up and caught some gorgeous wild fish out of there.
    Looking forward to your second post.

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    Re: My 2 cents on exploring waters off the hiway 50 corridor

    keep fishing them squaws, heavy and good fight, I wouldn't pass it up.
    Hit Lake Costco up on the way home and get trout/ salmon

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    My 2 cents on exploring waters off the hiway 50 corridor

    I would appreciate anybody who has been to these waters to post their own experiences, since I have only visited these places once, and I know that one visit isn't enough to fully characterize a particular body of water.

    When I first got a map of the back roads or Forrest service roads I was very interested in exploring the waters & finding my own "golden pond". So I took a couple days each week and first body of water I went to was brush creek reservoir. Long drive, all paved road, nice setting, great for an isolated picnic spot. I went on a tues so I was the only one there. Launched my car top boat & trolled around, got one 10" brown & returned him unharmed. Small body of water, but it has some depth to it, to 64 feet. I momentarily started checking out the outflow area & it was filled with small trout, wish I had more time to explore downstream for any holes or deeper areas, but time was ticking & didn't get a chance to explore it as much as I'd like, but it doesn't get too much traffic, and there is lots of overgrowth & branches making fly fishing difficult if not impossible.

    Next week was slab creek reservoir, since I had driven across the head of it on way to brush creek res. Slab creek kinda has a boat launch area, although it's for the smallest of boats. The launch area has man made perma rock that is sprayed around the area to keep erosion at bay. So I launched my car topper by hand & started trolling upstream from boat launch area. I started getting nibbled on immediately by rainbows, nothing of size but lots of 9-11 inch fish. Center of the channel was 24 feet, about halfway up the reservoir there was a nice offshoot of water with a feeder creek coming in & I thought if I was a big fish this is where I'd hang out. So I tossed in my lure & let it tumble in the creek right where it entered the reservoir & Bam, I got hit by a huge fish. I was all excited as the fish hugged the bottom & I clearly wasn't going to be able to horse this fish to the boat. So I maneuvered my boat into deeper water to avoid any snags, this fish was huge, estimating to be in the 5lb range, I'm fishing with 4lb test, and it was coming to the boat on its own terms, not mine. After 10 minutes or so he was finally coming to the surface, so when I got my chance I netted him, and when I was able to get a make on the fish, it wasn't a trout, it was a damn squaw fish, and huge, probably close to 7
    lbs. I understand that this species are common in this area, and they are not good table fare, and they are voracious predators of trout. I know a lot of people slit their gills & chuck them on the bank. So I continued fishing & can say that this place is loaded with squaw fish of all sizes, and I was amazed that I was able to catch any trout, since squawfish can decimate trout populations. I did end up keeping a few squawfish for fertilizer for garden, and dam do they stink, they smell like fish!

    More to come in the second installment.
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