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    Re: Fuel Line and Controls help

    58086140346__CB6AA1D0-688D-42B0-A60A-59AD29D5165E.jpg58086118329__887909FA-3C9F-4FEA-865C-1101217AC523.jpg20190419_151034.jpg58086121602__21E55C15-7D70-42F2-8263-36873BFECF50 (1).jpg58086124202__1591BA1E-88A7-4B55-B542-D7958217CD12 (1).JPGSounds like it sat for years, I bought 18' Crestliner with same issues, I have both Hondas, 90hp and 8hp hi tork kicker.
    Throttle cables are tight, need to lube what you can. Same with steering. Fuel filter is the best, separator and drain valve and then the splice to kicker.
    I bought a brewery "Y" fitting that is pretty clean. Need proper clamps because 90 hp is 5/16 hose and "Y" is 5/15" and kicker q-d is 1/4"
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    Fuel Line and Controls help

    Hi all. Well, I did it and got a boat. So now come the novice questions. I am quite mechanical but within a reasonable skill level.

    On the maiden voyage the kicker fuel line clogged up then the main. This boat was run on clear (non ethanol) fuel since 2006. Only 100 hours on motor so it sat a lot. A 115 hp EFI 4-stroke and a 8 hp 4-stroke. Mercury is the brand. I added fuel to the tank and I wonder if the ethanol (10% standard gas) broke some gook loose. It looked like flakes of shellac or varnish. Old fuel build up I assume. We were able to remove the primer bulbs and fuel line fitting and clear the lines. The flakes were big enough NOT to get past the fuel line fitting to the motor so nothing went in fuel filter. After clearing those both motors ran great for half a day.

    I want to add a filter/water filter. There is one line coming out of the tank and I would like to place it right before the line Y that makes two fuel lines (for the kicker). Then I have only one water/filter before the split and then the standard filters under the motor hoods.

    Sound good? I plan on replacing the fuel lines as well.

    Next the throttle/shift controls were hard to work. Felt like binding. They got better as the day went on but reverse was tough. Also seem like all the throttle response was at the last few inches of movement. I'm sure lube points and such will help and see references to a teflon lube. I have the manuals on the controls, engines, boat, etc.

    I will be looking online for more instruction but wanted to get something started.

    Oh, and the boat is a 2006 Alumaweld Stryker 19' One owner and pretty clean. Just sat a lot. 115 hp and 8 hp kicker. No tach so hard to say if I was topped out at rpm or not but sounded like I was well below top rpm. Will add tach later and gps speed if not a water speed wheel as well.

    small video link. Couldn't get it to show in thread.

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