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    Re: Just Sayin

    The only thing that I hate about the wind when I go out with just two people in the boat is............

    if a net job is needed, the wind takes the boat off course since I don't have GPS set/lock and
    we usually end up going back where we came from................ no big deal but a pain in the butt
    to get reset into the direction that you want to go.

    Plus, I also fast troll in bad weather if possible and save the 1.8 or slower for the calm days if
    they come along.

    Jigging is an art in itself...........
    and I don't have enough time to even start that can of worms.

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    Re: Just Sayin

    Good job we must have just missed each other. All our fish came on jigs.

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    Just Sayin

    Try trollin perpendicular to shore with wildly erratic driving down in the depths with big fast moving baits. Hardly ever see anyone doin it and is a solid producer for me year round. Harvested big limits today to 10# in a tough bite in 3 hours. Just sayin.

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