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Thread: Decent blaktail

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    Re: Decent blaktail

    Holy Bat Crap Robin, there are some deer in California. Congrats.

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    Re: Decent blaktail

    congrats to the both of you. I cant believe its 80 plus degrees and deer season

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    Re: Decent blaktail

    Congrats to you and your son,
    Here they come!

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    Decent blaktail

    4 of us hunted a C zone last week. My son shot a 20 inch fork and I shot a narrow but heavy horned 3x4. The other 2 hunters never saw a buck.

    I used a 7 mag with Trophy Copper bullets and had a little more damage than I have had in the past with the same load. The buck was in some oak trees and he was about 100 yards away and facing me at an odd angle. I decided with the relatively heavy cover I needed to take the shot I had. I broke the front shoulder on my side and also the back leg on the opposite side. The shoulder had a lot of damage but the back leg wasn't too bad. The bullet basically passed above most of the intestines but below the tenderloins. A 7 mag at 100 yards is still going pretty fast so some meat damage is not a huge surprise. I was able to retrieve the buck by myself since I was miles away from anyone else in our party. My son had to bone his buck out since he shot it in a steep canyon with no roads below him. I was fortunate mine was uphill from a road I could drive my quad on. Loading him on the quad by myself was a chore but it was better than packing for miles.
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