I asked the Fish and Wildlife Commission and here is the answer. They were VERY helpful.

“My question relates to fishing in the Feather River and Sacramento River between Hamilton City and Colusa. I know there is a 3 hook limit for Alabama Rigs. I also know that there is a single hook limit for non-buoyant lures (Jigs, etc.). An Alabama rig would weigh more than 3 ounces. Is the Alabama rig considered a lure for this purpose and would there be a one hook limit or can three be used.”

The Feather River and Sacramento River between Hamilton City and Colusa fall within the Valley District and the Gear Restrictions are on pages 15 and 16 of the 2019-2020 California Freshwater Sport Fishing Regulations booklet. The hook and weight restrictions are under section 2.10. According to subsection 2.10(b)(3) “It is unlawful to use any multiple hook or more than one single hook on a non-buoyant lure exceeding one ounce.” The Alabama Rig is a lure. Since your Alabama Rig exceeds one ounce you would only be allowed to use one single hook.

Byron Trunnell
Lieutenant, Delta Bay Enhanced Enforcement Program
Law Enforcement Division
CA Department of Fish and Wildlife