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    Re: Question regardling Suckers on the Moke

    A lot of fly fishing guys use light colored glow bugs this time of year for that exact reason. Light yellow or light green seem to match pretty good, and the smaller the better. Some folks also use light colored salmon eggs where legal. Same concept.

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    Post Re: Question regardling Suckers on the Moke

    Sac suckers are spring spawners, its just a little early for them but with this warm and dry weather pattern I wouldn't think its odd. I dint know if other species eats their eggs.

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    Question regardling Suckers on the Moke

    fished the Moke today
    thought maybe I get a few steelhead that either came up . or went down
    I noticed a lot of suckers in the river the last 3 time i have gone
    I take it they spawn at this time as well.
    and if thats the case do steelhead and the resident trout target there eggs. I know fly tiers tie a sucker spawn fly
    so I`m asking.because i did land 2 hatchery fish along with 3 Suckers.along with 3 other hookups that spit the hook.

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