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    Re: Salmon Falls SRA/ Skunk Hollow Folsom

    Couple of buddies of mine just went down there saturday morning and only took them about two hours and they were back from fishing. *they had a stringer of catfish that was just awsome and they even threw a few back. *the biggest cat was over 15 lbs. and had a big belly on her. can't tell you there spot but can tell you they were at salmon falls, used night crawlers and bobbers. *good luck [smiley=angling.gif]

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    Re: Salmon Falls SRA/ Skunk Hollow Folsom

    Has anyone fished Folsom lately? Thinkin about bankin it from Salmon Falls area. Thanks :)

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    Salmon Falls SRA/ Skunk Hollow Folsom

    anyone fish cats here? the new raft pullout seems ideal and its real close to my house, way closer than any other folsom access. after my recent fish, im gettin all jazzed for cats and folsom is an easy" im bored its 11 what should i do" kind of a place. and yes i know it closes at nine, but im real good at begging for forgiveness [smiley=evil.gif]. standard baits crawlers liver mackeral/chovies? thanks guys

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