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    Re: Loon Lake 6/8/09 Limits

    Hey Ken,
    Great job getting into the fish. *How come I wasn't invited. Oh Yeah... I remember now ;D ;D ;D Just kidding.
    But seriously... Loon seems to be on fire.

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    Loon Lake 6/8/09 Limits

    Fished Loon Lake again today. Again everyone had limits by early afternoon. All the fish were red meat holdovers. Stomaches full of red plankton. the hot set up today was our #12 curved blade flasher with our firetiger wormharness tipped with a crawler. We found fish up on top and down to 30ft.
    Lake temp 55 degrees and still full. Watch out for boulders!!
    Here are a couple of pics from today.
    Capt. Ken

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