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    Re: trout fishing at spicer meadows and *lake alpine

    Trout Buster- I am not an expert on these lakes, but I fish both of them pretty regularly. My feeling is that Alpine is very dependent upon DFG plantings (along with the Alpine Lodge plantings). It is a very small lake with limited spawning areas. Spicer, on the other hand, does have a pretty good population of "Spicer trout" that have been in there for a number of years. I believe they are able to spawn in both Hobart Creek (dumps in right by the boat ramp, and is closed to fishing until July 1, I believe, to protect the spawning fish) and there is also spawning going on in Highland Creek at the upper end of the lake, above the no-motor line, which greatly reduces the fishing pressure on spawning fish. However, both are on the "no plant" list from DFG, so I believe that there will be very heavy pressure on the Spicer fish population in the near future if nothing changes. There are also a few brook trout in both lakes. Spicer fish are a Kamloops strain that DFG thinks may have come from Upper Highland Lake years ago, along with some Eagle Lake fish that have been planted over the years. It would be a shame if planting is stopped and Spicer is fished out (just my opinion).


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    Re: trout fishing at spicer meadows and *lake alpine

    Spicer used to have a self sustaining population of rainbows back in the day, until DFG stocked well over 300,000 eagle lake trout in there almost 20 years ago. That messed up the whole ecosystem in the lake and the big boys never have been like they once were.

    Also before they closed down Hobart Creek, folks used to take them outta there when they spawned.

    I haven't fished there for almost 15 years so I don't know if it ever returned to what I once knew. So yes if they would run that lake as a trophy catch and release lake I think it would be able to sustain itself.

    Alpine has hold overs and that is about it. It gets stocked regularly, but with the new law that was just passed I think stocking is over for that lake.

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    trout fishing at spicer meadows and  lake alpine

    Do these two lakes depend on dfg plants only or do they or should I say,can they support themselves?

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