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Thread: HWY 88 Streams

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    Re: HWY 88 Streams

    a couple of pictures taken from the highway:

    we rode up the dirt road past the Caples Lake Maint. station towards Schneider Cow camp but there were too many trees to get good pictures.

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    Re: HWY 88 Streams

    Hi ! Capain have always wanted to fish those spots as the canyon drop of is breath taking. Thanks for your report.

    P.S. I have taken the trail down below S.L. CG and it is an awesome pic treat but have not gone down Caples Cr. but I'm sure its just as bueatifull.


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    HWY 88 Streams

    I had yesterday off so I headed up to 88.
    Started off out the Lake Margaret trail head to fish Caples Creek. Caples is very low and they have a bladder dam around the spillway for maintenance, it's worth a trip to see what it looks like. As a result there was very little water in the creek. Lots of schools of very small fish that were easily spooked. Caught my personal worst on a fly-a 2" rainbow.
    Then I headed down the hill to fish below the Silver Lake dam. The browns were all over submerged flys, as long as they didn't see me first. Small fish but fun on a three weight.
    The crowds were down, the fish were biting, and the weather was beautiful. A great day of stream fishing!
    Sorry no pictures, you'll have to go see it for yourself.

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